• Minimalist Overall Weave
  • Minimalist Overall Weave

Minimalist Overall Weave

  • $39.00

Tank top style overall for babies and toddlers up to the age of 24 months.
In order the give the garment a chic and rocker look, we have made it out of soft and super comfortable denim fabric combined with black tissue fiber.

Color: as picture shows.

3-6 Months: 58cm/22.8” – 69cm/27.1” (Height),   5kg/11lbs – 7kg/15.4lbs (Weight) 

6-12 Months: 69cm/27.1” – 74cm/29.1” (Height),   7kg/15.4lbs – 10kg/22lbs (Weight)

12-18 Months: 74cm/29.1” – 79cm/31.1” (Height),   10kg/22lbs – 12kg/26.4lbs (Weight)

18-24 Months: 79cm/31.1” – 84cm/33” (Height),   12kg/26.4lbs – 14kg/30.8lbs (Weight)

>> Designed, Made and ships from Europe