Minimalist Black Overall

  • $40.00

Tank top style overall for babies and toddlers up to the age of 24 months.
The model has sarouel style pants (getting wider) and adjustable cross straps in order to adjust the garment to the height of your child). The straps lock with the help on a button at the rear part.
The overall is made out of flexible thin cotton fabric suitable also for the crawling stage.

Color: as picture shows.

3-6 Months: 58cm/22.8” – 69cm/27.1” (Height),   5kg/11lbs – 7kg/15.4lbs (Weight) 

6-12 Months: 69cm/27.1” – 74cm/29.1” (Height),   7kg/15.4lbs – 10kg/22lbs (Weight)

12-18 Months: 74cm/29.1” – 79cm/31.1” (Height),   10kg/22lbs – 12kg/26.4lbs (Weight)

18-24 Months: 79cm/31.1” – 84cm/33” (Height),   12kg/26.4lbs – 14kg/30.8lbs (Weight)

>> Designed, Made and ships from Europe